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Who we are

At Enchele Energy, we are pioneers in revolutionizing the way energy is harnessed, managed, and conserved. Our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future drives us to develop cutting-edge machine learning solutions tailored for smart energy savings in homes, buildings, and institutions.

Our benefits


Seamlessly home or office device management aligned with specific needs. From lights to appliances, users enjoy customized and energy-efficient automatic control.

Heating management

Precise heating control for occupied spaces only. Intelligently activates heating when needed, maximizing energy savings without compromising comfort.

Energy peak management

Monitor and optimize energy performance effortlessly. Receive detailed performance reports for informed decisions and continuous efficiency improvement.


Stay informed about energy tariff changes and options. Compare rates from different providers to make cost-effective choices for your energy consumption.

Energy Consumption Analytics

In-depth analysis of energy usage patterns. Generate detailed reports and estimate bills, empowering informed decisions for better energy management.


Intuitive home/building automation driven by real-time occupancy. Adjusts heating, cooling, and lighting based on people's presence, optimizing comfort and energy efficiency.

Weather forecasting

Proactive adjustments based on accurate weather predictions. Optimize heating and cooling systems while considering solar panel contributions for optimal comfort and savings.


Comprehensive assessment of energy generation, especially from solar panels. Understand your contribution to sustainable energy production.


Collaborate with grid operators for a balanced energy ecosystem. Share insights to aid energy demand prediction and grid stability.

Energy demand prediction

Anticipate energy needs with advanced forecasting. Ensure a reliable energy supply and contribute to a balanced energy grid.

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Our products

Radiator valve

Radiator valves provide flexibility and energy efficiency by allowing individual room temperature control, thus optimizing heating comfort and reducing energy wastage. They play a crucial role in maintaining desired temperature levels and creating a comfortable environment in residential and commercial spaces.

Motion sensor

When motion or presence is detected, the sensor sends a signal or triggers an action, such as turning on lights, activating security alarms, or adjusting HVAC settings. Presence sensors are commonly used in home automation systems, security systems, and commercial spaces to enhance convenience, safety, and energy efficiency.

Contact sensor

Contact sensors are small, versatile devices used to detect and monitor the opening and closing of doors, windows, cabinets, and other objects. These sensors typically consist of two components: a magnet and a switch.

Temperature sensor

A smart thermostat is an intelligent device that revolutionizes the way we control and monitor our home heating and cooling systems.With energy-saving algorithms and detailed usage reports, they help optimize energy consumption and reduce utility bills.

Smart plug

Smart plugs are innovative devices that transform any standard electrical outlet into a connected, intelligent power source. By simply plugging them into an outlet, users gain remote control and automation capabilities for their electronic devices.

Phase energy meter

A phase energy meter, also known as a three-phase energy meter, is an electrical device used to measure and monitor the energy consumption in three-phase electrical systems. It is widely used in industrial and commercial settings where high-power equipment and machinery operate.

Din Rail Smart Relay

A Din Rail Smart Relay is a compact and versatile control device designed to automate and manage various electrical and electronic systems. As the name suggests, it is designed to be mounted on a DIN rail, making installation simple and convenient.

Phase energy meter

A module refers to a self-contained unit or component that performs a specific function and can be integrated into a larger system. Modules are designed to be easily interchangeable and can be combined to create more complex and sophisticated systems. They are widely used in various fields, including software development, electronics, and engineering.

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